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After much success from the first series on Spontaneity, I decided to do a second go around. New lessons, same idea! How can we let ourselves be spontaneous?

After much success from the first series on Spontaneity, I decided to do a second go around. New lessons, same idea! How can we let ourselves be spontaneous?

It will be 6 classes every Sunday, starting February 21st to Sunday February 28th plus 1 free introductory class on the 14th

February : 21, 28, March : 7, 14, 21, 28.

The first FREE lesson will be one of Dr.Moshe Feldenkrais’ best and most interesting lessons, Zenith. Zenith is the imaginary point that is directly above a particular location on the celestial sphere. Thus, we will start the series imagining ourselves in space, and dividing ourselves and putting ourselves back together. .

The next lesson, and two following are preparations to very spontaneous movements. It’s important to prepare for this by finding ways to relax the spine, let be flexible in all configurations. Standing on the knees, lying on the tummy, and in motion!

Next will explore spontaneous ways to transfer orientation in space. In other words, finding smooth, easy and fun ways to go from lying down to sitting and back; from sitting to standing, and then back to laying. All these movements done in their own step, until it becomes one movement!

The series explores many different aspects of movement – length and shortness, incorporating movement on different planes. And learning how to find ease and comfort in coming up from lying to standing.

All we can do is ask ourselves questions, pool in the results and make choices. And that is exactly what the Feldenkrais method does. The more comfortable I am at asking questions, the more choices I have. And suddenly the more access I have to be spontaneous and curious. And it’s not that I became spontaneous, but that I can access that part of me when I need it most.

→ In these online group classes, I verbally lead you through a sequence of movements all laying down on your back. These precisely structured movement explorations involve thinking, sensing, moving and feeling. By increasing awareness, you will learn to abandon habitual patterns of movement and develop new alternatives, resulting in improved flexibility and coordination, less pain, more comfort. It helps counter anxiety by understanding the effect on the body. It really just makes you feel taller, more grounded and relaxed – and who doesn’t want that! Doing Feldenkrais is not only for chronic symptoms or pain, it’s also used to increase skill, to open yourself up to new ideas, find choice in absence, and secure proper and easy aging!

→ Many lessons are based on developmental movements and ordinary functional activities (reaching, standing, lying to sitting, looking behind yourself, etc.). Some are based on more abstract explorations of joint, muscle, and postural relationships. Lessons are fully accessible to those with varying movement possibilities – because lessons can even work in the imagination. Sounds like magic because it is!! The magic of the brain!

Feel free to also check out my blog essay being spontaneous and my path in the Feldenkrais Method.


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"I loved how Andréa offered us different movement exercises that gave me a lot of insight on how I move through the world; even if we were on zoom, I could feel their presence and kindness. They were very generous in their teaching and support during and after classes. "

Pascale Brunet About my online classes

"After class, I remember finding everything so colourful and beautiful. Like i was seeing everything for the first time!. I recommend Andréa for the sweetness of their presence, touch and their empathetic strength to accompany you professionally in the discomfort of the winding path of self-love.”

Émilie Savoie About my online classes
and private lessons

"Andréa’s curious mind and kindness makes Feldenkrais a welcome break in my week and a perfect time to just reconnect with my self."

Kadi About my private lessons

"Andréa's classes left me feeling peaceful, physically stronger and more awakened in my day to day work."

Anonymous About my online classes

"I love this method! Andréa is an excellent teacher. Each class takes me deeper into the subtle power of awareness, softness and gentle movements. I live with chronic pain and have a brain injury, and the more I practice, the more I feel it helping transform and re-wire my neural pathways!"

Sky About my classes

"After each session, I feel relaxed, I move with ease and fluidity. Some pains have disappeared and the impact can be felt days after!"

Hélène C About my private lessons

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the work we are doing together. I have been believing my body is defective for some time now, especially after the stroke. I had a difficult time “listening” to my body because I did not trust what it had to tell me. Slowly, this belief is changing and I am coming home (for lack of better words) to my body. I am very grateful. Thank you so much."

Anonymous About my private lessons
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