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    Mouth Breathing? Find Nose Breathing with Feldenkrais

    Mouth Breathing ? Nose Breathing? What’s Best?

    More and more studies are showing that consistent mouth breathing is the less optimal way of breathing. Consistent mouth breathing has links to anxiety and depression, to fatigue and insomnia and pain! But the transition from fully mouth breathing to habitual nose breathing can be challenging and can create even more anxiety and lead to giving up.

    That is why I am dedicating this series to finding optimal breathing for YOU. Optimal breathing, through a Feldenkrais point of view has no singular style. Rather, optimal breathing is having the ability to breathe in many ways based on the current situation.

    How can you find optimal breathing? By being aware of how you are breathing. This series is all about finding the optimal ways of breathing through finding awareness.

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    Feeling Into Pleasure : FREE Movement Pleasure intro class and 6 class series!

    Movement Pleasure! Starting off the series finding movement pleasure; an easy way to roll from laying on the side to the back. Dive into finding ease in your shoulders and hip joints. Wednesdays @ 8pm EDT on zoom.

    The free class is Wednesday, April 28th. From there the paid series starts May 5th till June 9th. The classes are always on Wednesdays at 8pm.


    The free Movement Pleasure lesson will be about bringing the shoulders and pelvis forward and back on the side. The next lesson will be focused on getting the hip to move independently. After that, we will continue with the first lesson, simply trying to make it easier to get to the back and the side. The third lesson will help to incorporate the head and neck into the whole movement. The fourth is another continuation of the first lesson, simply perfecting it and making it pleasurable. The last two lessons on the same theme, but incorporating some twisting movements which help clarify the movement from back to side.


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