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Feldenkrais : a scientific and somatic method of education which uses awareness to teach the brain and nervous system new possibilities of movement! Through slow and subtle movements, this approach helps us become aware of what we are doing to enlarge our world of possibilities. 

There are two ways you can get into this incredible work!
Feldenkrais Method - Somatic Movement Therapy - Montreal
Feldenkrais Method - Somatic Movement Therapy - Montreal

Functional Integration

Let me take care of you

Lessons tailored to YOUR individual learning needs.

I guide your movements through gentle non-invasive touch. After a lesson, you will feel taller and more grounded. My students often find that they experience ease doing daily tasks and have more energy throughout the day!

I am currently taking clients outside on my big bright balcony in Montreal, Quebec.

Feldenkrais Method - Andréa Pallotto - Somatic Movement Therapy

awareness through movement

Let me help you feel good

I guide you through a sequence of movements which are scientifically tailored to create opportunities for learning new movement.

These gentle explorations open huge possibilities for growth in every way possible! You feel more grounded, pain isn’t central in your life, you feel taller, more confident.

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